Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

The company collects the following personal information for membership sign-up, consultation, service requests, etc.

  Items to be collected : Name, Company name, home telephone number, mobile phone number, email address
  How to collect personal information: Webpage (Customer Inquiry, Partner & Maritime employee’s families Inquiry)
  Process to use service: IP Address, cookie, date of visit, service use record, defective use record

Purpose of the collection and use of personal information

The company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

Membership Management
User identification according to the use of membership services, confirmation of the intention for membership sign-up, customer service handling complaints, delivery of notification, age check, confirmation of agreement of a legal representative regarding the collection of information from children aged under 14

Services Provided
Use of various content provided to only those members whose personal information has been collected through inquiry as well as entry for a competition

Used for Marketing and Advertising
  Delivery of information on competitions and advertising information / Delivery of goods when winning a competition
  evelopment and specialization of new services / Provision and publication of services according to demographic characteristics
  Examination of connection frequency / Statistics about the use of services by members

Details of personal information and period of its possession and use

The company will possess and use personal information during the service providing period from the date of membership sign-up. When a member withdraws his/her membership or his / her agreement on the collection and use of personal information, if the purpose thereof has been achieved or the period of possession and use of the personal information is expired, the corresponding personal information shall be immediately deleted. However, personal information received from applicants for recruitment will be saved in the company’s manpower pool so that it may be used for employment at anytime. When an applicant for recruitment wants to have his / her personal information deleted, the corresponding personal information shall be immediately deleted.

  Retention period : Maximum 12 months from the date of collection
  Revoking of information : Twice per year

Information on the treatment and entrustment of personal information

For the smooth provision of services, the company manage the personal information as follows.

  Services trusted : Operation of the system for the provision of services. However, in this case, only for members who have signed up to
   membership for services and have agreed to the collection of his / her personal information through the website operated by the trustee,
   the trustee is authorized to collect personal information.