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We would like to welcome you to the POS SM home page with sincere hearts.

POS SM CEO Myeongsu Kim

POS SM, starting from the maritime headquarters of Pan Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd., up to now, 
has been retaining its essence unchanged for more than 50 years, even though the appearance of the company has changed many times.

Based on the know-how of the comprehensive ship management services accumulated for more than half a century and 
the specialized technical experts, we have been continuously strengthening our business capabilities.
POS SM is constricting the business areas to generalize the entire value chain such as new shipbuilding supervision, 
support for chartering or hiring of a vessel/  purchasing or scrapping of a ship, etc. as well as general ship management 
such as seafarer/ ship management, insurance/ incident management or agency business for ship owners, etc. 
Our company leads the ship management industry, providing such a total solution of ship management

We promise to do our best in customer satisfaction with the two core values as follows to our customers.
First of all, it is safety operation.
The current ship management industry is in the tendency of strengthening of environmental regulations and ship-owner diversification.
Keeping up with this, we pursue the achievement of +Zero Accident+ not only by constructing the self-developed state-of-the-art IT system, 
but also by introducing advanced safety, quality & environment system.
Secondly, it is cost saving.
In the difficult shipping market environment lasting for the recent years, all shipping companies are spending a time of hardship.
POS SM will provide differentiated values by executing efficient ship management costs to achieve the 
provision of customized services with the management know-how of various ship kinds such as bulk carriers, tankers, 
car carriers and LNG carriers, etc. 

POS SM will do our efforts to be renewed as the company that is growing together with our customers in the best quality 
for more robust and sustainable growth. 
In addition, we will challenge and innovate constantly in order to keep the status of the ship management company representing Korea.

Please keep an eye on powerful leaping POS SM.

Thank you very much.

CEO of POS SM, Myeongsu Kim