Onshore Employees:POS SM, Trustworthy Partner of the ship management
industry is along with the true talented people who will lead the future of our company

POS SM is a corporate that cherishes the talented people who are the true core of the shipping industry.

The person who act enthusiastically and has achieved own goals,
The person who has professionalism and abides by the principle,
You are the very talented person that POS SM wants.

Passion:Person who actively engaged in work and act energetically/Execution:Person who achieves own goals with a strong executive talent/Expert:Person who wants to be the best experts through continuous self-development/Ethic:Person who observes principles and acts ethically

We do not want complete talented people only.
But we are a company that makes efforts with the employees to be complete together.

We want to invite you who are ready to be the best experts having a passion and a strong executive talent

Recruitment procedure

Step 01
Document examination

Trough the document examination such as the letter of self-introduction, major, language skills, qualifications and
other social experience (volunteer activities and interns), etc., we review whether they are targets of areas that the
company needs among the applicants.
As application documents are used as the material for the interview, contents based on the fact must be described
sincerely and exactly

Step 02

The interview method is basically a group interview, and various interview methods are used depending on the
situation to comprehensively verify the values, personality traits and the level of retained capability of applicants.
The capabilities of applicants such as knowledge of major and management, views of corporation, potential abilities
and duties relevance are thoroughly verified through the intensive interview process.

Step 03
Physical examination

In accordance with the rules of employment, health checkups are carried out at the medical institutions that signed
agreements with our company

Step 04
Result announcement

After the progress of document examination/ primary, secondary interviews, the results of the interview
due to this are notified to the applicants individually.
When the description of contents on the job application letter is found to be false, pass and joining the
company may be cancelled.

Welfare system / Company culture

With a variety of GWP(Great Work Place) programs,
POS SM provides a lot of rewards and benefits in accordance with the individual's ability and performance.

Welfare card: support so that the person can select directly diverse welfare benefits such as self-development, etc.
Medical support: members of accident insurance for employees, comprehensive health examination support for employees and their spouses
Children financial aid: children financial aid from middle school to university
Family events support: when family events of employees and their spouses, support expenses and holidays
Reward system: award prizes to the excellent employees who achieve the most outstanding achievements in each field
Clubs and fitness centers: in-house club activities and free operation of fitness centers
Picnic Day: Picnic day for the better communication between each of teams
Family Day: Family day for staff’s WLB (Work Life Balance)
Cake gift: Provide a cake for employee’s wedding anniversary

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