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THE POS VALUE / To ensure that all employees understand the management philosophy, we define 'POS VALUE'

The foreword

The recent business environment is accelerating endless competition, increasing uncertainty in the global economy, and industry and technology are changing very rapidly and unpredictably.

In the midst of these changes in the environment, POS SM is faced with the realistic challenge of ‘How can employees work happily and create performance while immersing themselves in the values that POS SM considers to be most important?’.

‘THE POS VALUE’ was established to ensure that all employees understand the management philosophy so that they can have a sense of duty and pride through ‘Mission’, recognize common goals through ‘Vision’, understand priorities through ‘Policy’, and work in accordance with principles and standards.

Trustworthy Maritime Solver

It is the mission that POS SM provides to the society and the purpose why our employees work. This is the fundamental purpose and basic philosophy that our organization exists, so it must be the highest priority and should not be changed.

2025 Global Top 10 with GPS

The vision contains the answer to “What will we achieve?” We have set the specific and clear goal to be achieved in the next five years.

Growth, Pride, Safety

The policy is the criteria for value judgment in a number of decisions that our organization and all employees will face, and it becomes a priority when we work, and it can be said to be the answer to. “How should we work?”

All members of POS SM will continue to practice it with a firm belief in ‘THE POS VALUE’.


Trustworthy Maritime Solver

Becoming a trustworthy partner for customers by providing total solutions required for shipping and related industries, including crew and ship management. It is the ultimate mission of POS SM.


2025 Global Top 10 With GPS

Based on the policy of POS SM which are Growth, Pride, and Safety, we are planning to leap beyond the nation's No. 1 ship management company in 2020 and become the global top 10 ship management company in 2025.


Growth, Pride, Safety

All members of POS SM create a healthy corporate culture that all employees have a law-abiding spirit and practice ethical management.
‘Great company’ to work with smooth communications and efficient systems, and a 'Proud company' realizing ‘Work and Life Balance’, it is the policy of POS SM that demonstrates the will to grow into an international company with global standards.

  • Growth
    Expanding a Portfolio
    Expanding a specialized field
    Launching a new business
  • Pride
    Great Work Place
    Cost Optimization
  • Safety
    ZERO Accident
    ZERO Downtime
    ZERO Inspection Fail