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Ethical Management,POS SM tries to grow into the sound enterprise which customers, shareholders (investors) and partners can rely on, 
and further fulfill its social responsibility through ethical management.
  • We regard the customer satisfaction as the highest value of
    management, and make our best efforts to provide services that
    customers can be satisfied with.
  • We always listen to the opinions of customers, and do our best to
    protect the information of customers.
  • We always make our efforts to maximize the interests of
    shareholders and investors on the basis of clean management and
    responsible management.
  • We always carry out the innovation and improvement activities
    continuously to maximize enterprise values.
  • We make our efforts to grow and development through the clean
    and fair trading practices.
  • We make our efforts for the settlement of the sound company
    culture where all of the employees can fully demonstrate their
    abilities and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

"POS SM Helpline" is a place where you can make anonymous reports on the misconducts and/or good deeds of POS SM management and employees, and the reports made here are used as inspection and audit information, etc.

This Helpline has been established for the organization's ethical values and integrity, and in order to protect the informant, it is operated by an independent outside professional company. The anonymity of the informant is strictly guaranteed by applying security technology that does not leave the IP information of the informant.

Reports should be made on the actions that go against the organization's ethical values and integrity, employees' grievances, recommendations and opinions on creating an honest culture, etc. Please refer to the following report types for further details.

Go to the Anonymous Reporting System (Redwhistle Helpline)