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This is the organization chart of POS SM.
  • General Administration
    In charge of planning / Human resources / Management / General affairs
  • Financial Accounting
    In charge of accounting / Finance
  • Marketing
    Ship Management Marketing
  • Procurement
    Procurement / Purchase of ship supplies and management of partners
  • Maritime Planning
    Budget and contract management, policy and regulations, R&D
  • Information Technology
    Operation of independent ship management IT system
  • Shipbuilding Technology
    New Shipbuilding Construction Supervision
  • Safety and quality
    Environmental quality management, Safety management
  • Crew Management
    Management of Korean/Foreign maritime employees, Business relating to industry-education / MLC and education, etc.
  • Fleet 1~3
    Vessel Repair & Maintenance
  • LNGC & Tanker Fleet
    LNGC & Tanker navigation support, management for the safety and ship maintenance
  • Safe Operation
    Ship navigation support / management for the safety