POS SM has abundant supervision experience of various ship kinds 
from bulk carrier up to LNG carrier for the past 50 years.
From the shipyard selection up to the defect guarantee management, 
we do our best efforts to be able to build the best ships from the 
standpoint of the shipowner.
Crew Management
  • Differentiated and customized technical support
  • Construction contract to meet the needs of shipowners
  • Objective selection of material and equipment and actual
    inspection of manufacturers
  • Thorough process control and post management
  • Quality improvement by utilizing the feedback data of
    navigation ships
  • Systematized process
  • Implementation of the systematized standard procedures from
    the ship contract to delvery
  • Objective management through the the check list such as
    drawings review, FAT, and On-board test, etc.
  • Thorough management by professional supervisors for new
    shipbuilding from the site OPEN to CLOSE
  • Constant research and review
  • Review of new technology suitable for each ship such as
    BWMS, TierⅢ
  • Research and review on the environment-friendly vessels through
    Energy Saving Device research
  • Analysis and review on the vessel performance for the efficient
    vessel management
Performance record of new shipbuilding supervision
(Unit: vessel)
Bulker:102/Tanker:26/SPV(Heavy Lift):12/VLOC:8/Container:8/PCTC:8/LNG:2/Public Supervision:3/TOTAL:169