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Based on the great education system of POS SM only, we train/ retain a number of excellent seafarers at home and abroad

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The current status of crew management
Base date : September 01. 2021 (Unit: person)
Korean:abt 720/Filipino:abt 640/Indonesian:abt 150/Myanmar:abt 180/Chinese:abt 10/TOTAL:1,700
Crew Management

We secure the human resources of seamanship with excellent qualities
and provide the shipowner company with stable seafarers supply services.

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  • Crew management system
  • Recruitment and on-board arrangement

    - Recruitment and on-board arrangement of seafarers who are physically healthy and equipped
       with qualifications and abilities necessary to meet with the domestic/ overseas provisions.

  • Education and training for embarkation familiarity

    - Carry out the job education necessary to new hires, and carry out diverse training after boarding

  • Evaluation (performance appraisals)

    - Be carried out by the captain or the designated senior officer during the boarding period,
       and finally confirmed on land

  • Shift administration

    - Due to the request of vacation, select a successor and carry out the shift, and grant the
       appropriate vacation depending on the situation of human resources

  • Preliminary personnel management

    - Maintain the appropriate level of preliminary personnel and manage for the timely on-board

  • Seafarer education system
  • Pre-boarding education

    - Job education for new hires, Familiarity education of company's manual, Consigned practical
       training education, etc

  • On-boarding education

    - OJT education, Workshop for captains chief engineers and officers (during the holidays),
       Staff duties education

  • Education for special qualification

    - Duties education for each ship type

       Carry out pre-boarding education for tanker, pulp ship and VLOC (Very Large Ore Carrier), etc.

    - Promotion education

       Promotion education for captains, Chief engineers, promotion education for chief mates

    - Other education

       Carry out legal education for each ship type, Job grade to satisfy domestic/ overseas laws